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Chief Patron

Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

About The Fintech Forum

A forum for mutual deliberations within this fraternity of Financial Ecosystem stakeholders comprising of the Financial Institutions, Regulators, Government Bodies and Fintech companies. It was in everyone’s best interests to understand everyone’s concerns and focus on gaps that exist and how to fill them most efficiently. 

The role that The Fintech Forum would play. 

Key Immediate Agendas


Regulatory Sandbox

TFF shall pursue creation of a composite regulatory Sandbox environment which has general consent of all regulators and government bodies such as the Fintech companies can build, deploy and test their solutions without the worry of the ambiguity around its interpretation by the regulators.


Beta Testing Network

TFF shall setup a Beta testing network with Financial Institutions and other companies that may agree to become early customers/users of the various solutions that some of the Fintech companies may be building.


Collaborative Frameworks

TFF shall create many avenues and solutions for mutual collaboration amongst its member community. In the medium term it may result in integration standards, protocols and API’s etc. being made available to the Financial Ecosystem. 

Special Interest Groups

Fintech has evolved and created classes and sub-classes of its own, with very diverse challenges that they face respectively. All of them have may need different focus and engagements. The Fintech Forum recognizes them as Special Interest Groups (SIG) and would allow their stakeholders their own space, recognition and representation alongside common interests and initiatives.






Equity Capital


Digital Lending




Venture Capital

Steering Committee

J. A.

Special Chief Secretary & IT Advisor to the Chief Minister - Govt. of AP.


Director General - Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industries (BCCI)

Deenanath Harapanahalli 

Founder & CEO at Cykul; Ex-Country Head of Invesco India Enterprise Center


Chairman of CosmicMandala15 Group; Member of the Managing Committee of Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industries (BCCI)


Convener at The Fintech Forum; Cofounder REALX & GREX 

SIG Heads


Payments SIG


Digital Lending SIG

Supporting Institutions

Industry Speaks

"We at NSE believe Fintech holds the key to true democratisation of financial services in India. We are happy to be associated with The Fintech Forum."

"The AP government recognises the transformation ability of the Fintech industry. That is why we are committed to the Fintech Valley Vizag initiative. The Fintech Forum is a very nice way to resolve challenges faced by the industry and we, led by our CM are committed to providing all the support that the Forum may need."

"We are delighted to support this vital initiative spearheaded by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and other co-founding members. We look forward to partnering closely to further its key objectives in building the East West fintech corridor"

"CARE Ratings is keen to be associated with Fintech related initiatives and provides its best wishes for The Fintech Forum"

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